Congratulations on drawing one of the hardest tags to get in Arizona and New Mexico. During our pronghorn hunts, hunters can expect to encounter multiple mature bucks each day. Each year our hunters harvest mature bucks of Mid 70”s to mid 80”s+.  These action packed hunts range in duration from 3 days to 5 days.  If you’re looking for a trophy private land hunt, look no further.  Territory Outfitter has had amazing success on our private land New Mexico hunts.  These hunts are exceptional… no other way to put it.  Hunting in the heart of Socorro County, the states top Boone and Crockett producer of BIG pronghorns, Territory Outfitter’s clients have harvested some very spectacular mature Pronghorn bucks.  Our 3 day rifle or 5 day archery pronghorn hunts have been 100% opportunity on mature bucks.

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